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Try our proven Appointment Reminder Service:

  • We'll custom design, print, address, stamp, and mail your 4" x 6" appointment reminder cards to patients.
  • And, we'll design and email personalized, customized, full color appointment reminders to your patients.

All the above for only $0.55 per patient!

Cards + emails get response rates
6 times higher than emails alone

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Welcome to Custom Recall

Since 1995, Custom Recall has served professionals by providing high quality, affordable appointment reminder postcards, moving notice cards, business cards, practice marketing postcards, greeting cards, brochures, and mailing services.

We offer FREE design for all of our cards, so you can maximize your brand and advertising exposure with an unique, fully customized and personalized card. Unlike other suppliers who only partially personalize their standardized cards, we will fully customize and personalize your card on the front and back, and our design is, and always has been free! Why would you settle for less?

Appointment recall cards are the cost effective way for practices to increase appointment bookings, manage a flow of appointment bookings, and offer a valued appointment reminder service to patients. This improves patient loyalty and retention. We are your experts in design and print of fully personalized appointment reminder cards. We also save many practices time and money by addressing and mailing their appointment recall cards, moving notice cards or marketing cards in Canada and the USA. If you are optometric, dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary or other professionals, we have the fully personalized, customized appointment reminder cards, moving notice cards, business cards, marketing cards and mailing services to help you affordably build and maintain your business.

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